What is the price of a FUE hair transplant ?


The price of a hair transplant can depend on a very large number of factors:


Where is it done?


The localization is important to calculate the price of a hair transplant. The cost of the work in the country where the transplant is performed, the taxation in force, and the standards to be respected, will directly impact the cost.


In what clinic?


Is it a generalist cosmetic surgery clinic with a hair transplant department, a medical practice, or a specialized clinic with a dedicated medical team and a suitable technical structure? These elements will also directly impact the cost.


Who makes the hair transplant?


A doctor without assistance, a doctor with his wife, a doctor assisted by a machine, a team of technicians without a doctor, or a complete medical team composed of specialized doctors, specialized nurses, and specializedauxiliaries? Is anaesthesia managed by a doctor or by an anaesthetist? Depending on the case, the price will also be different.


What is the size of the session?


The execution of a small session of 500 follicular units, has nothing to do with a session of 3000 follicular units for example. The number of follicular units extracted and implanted will determine the final price of the hair transplant.


What is the technology used?

Depending on the know-how and experience of the doctors, depending on the material selected, the consumables used, the medications administered, and the different protocols performed, the cost will be higher or lower.

The FUE hair transplant is an ambulatory surgery considered less invasive than the FUT hair transplant, thepost-operative care is less important, but it remains a surgery to be taken seriously, because it is the longest surgery under local anaesthesia. The quality of medical care is therefore crucial.

Websites, chat rooms, the media, and even some doctors, often minimize this aspect for purely commercial purposes, and can put patients at risk.

In the world market of hair transplant, the differences are very important, it is up to each candidate to research in order to pay the best service at the best price.

At the LHR French clinic in Lisbon, we ensure that our rates aremeticulously calculated for the interest of everyone, always regarding the rules that guarantee comfort, satisfaction, and safety for every patient.