The “LED” (light emitting diode) therapy is a cold light that acts as a photo modulator and ideally complements other aesthetic medicine techniques (oxygen therapy, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, mesotherapy, laser) to increase blood microcirculation.

It is used to moisturize and lighten the skin, to reopen the pores, for cellular regeneration (scars) and for the penetration of the active principles.



According to the color and its intensity (red, yellow, green, violet) it calms the inflammation, accelerates healing, combats skin relaxation, moisturizes and tones the skin, masks stretch marks, stimulates immunity, stimulates fibroblasts manufacture of collagen and elastin, treats acne and dermatoses, slows the hair loss and activates its growth by densifying them.

Red ‘LED’ therapy is especially known for its anti-inflammatory effect after certain surgical procedures such as hair transplantation.
The sessions last between 20 to 30 minutes without any risk of burn and are totally painless and without side effects.
On average, it takes between 5 to 10 sessions (one to two per week) to get some results, followed by a maintenance treatment once a month to ensure the duration of the results obtained.
The “LED” therapy sessions are supervised by a doctor specialized in dermatology, aesthetic medicine, trichology and cosmetology.