The hyperbaric pressurized oxygen:

The “LHR” French clinic in Lisbon uses a concentrator that produces 95% pure therapeutic oxygen from the ambient air and diffuses it on the skin to purify and regenerate the cells of the epidermis.

This system is completed by a dual device for diffusion and projection of oxygen, and active ingredients that will interact naturally with skin cells.
Under hyperbaric pressure, the oxygen crosses the skin barrier to penetrate deeply.



ACNE Before care


ACNE After care

The alliance of pure oxygen and hyaluronic acid:

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, enriched with vitamins A, E and C, minerals, trace elements, aloe vera, collagen and elastin, penetrates the skin delicately and deeply for maximum effectiveness of the natural active ingredients.

The action of the oxygen pressure machine, medically recognized, is a valuable aid in making a cocktail of active substances at high pressure.
  • Oxygen therapy is used for the treatment of the scalp, prevention or after a “FUE PREMIUM” hair transplant.
  • It is also used in the face and neck, the skin is purified, hydrated and skin cells are nourished. Its action neutralizes imperfections due to aging, external aggressions, stress or organic dysfunctions.
  • The wrinkles appear clearly filled, the complexion is unified and radiant, the spots are reduced. The skin regains its elasticity, it is firmed, plumped and healed. The signs of fatigue are removed. The active ingredients continue their work in depth between each session for a lasting effect.
At the “LHR” French clinic in Lisbon, oxygen therapy sessions are supervised by a doctor specialized in dermatology, trichology, aesthetic medicine, and cosmetology.