Mesotherapy is an effective therapeutic weapon and without contraindication (except for allergies) in cases of female and male androgenic alopecia. It can be associated with “LED” therapy.

The action involves bringing a mixture of active substances intradermally.
In the face, the treatment aims to plump dehydrated areas and remove wrinkles expression (anti-aging action).
In the scalp, the injection activates hyper vascularization and a better supply of nutrients to the bulb to strengthen it.
Mesotherapy is particularly recommended in the treatment of hair problems related to stress, hormonal problems, pregnancy or fatigue. It has a repairing effect on dull or devitalized hair and on an irritated scalp.
At the “LHR” French clinic in Lisbon, mesotherapy is supervised by a doctor specialized in dermatology, trichology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.



The equipment used is very sophisticated and last generation, and allows to administer the active ingredients by painless micro-injections on the areas to be treated.
One session lasts about an hour and can be followed by a 20-minute session of medical “LED” light.
4 sessions spaced a week are necessary, then 4 sessions spaced two weeks.
Once or twice a year, depending on the case.