The different stages of the «FUE PREMIUM» method :

The theoretical principle is the same as for a conventional hair transplant, and it consists in transferring the hair from the back of the neck (whose genetic programming is different) to the front of the scalp in order to offer a new distribution of the existing hair and a visible aesthetic harmony. The ambulatory surgery lasts a few hours and is performed under local anaesthesia.
This intervention addresses as well the women as the men, and maybe realized at any age when the hair loss is stabilized.




The Hair Extraction

The hair is previously shaved in order to proceed to the extraction (see the chapter “FUE PREMIUM” without visible shaving).
This surgical gesture is exclusively performed by a doctor and a nurse who are both specialized in this field.
With the current miniaturization of micro punches (cylindrical bistouries from 0.7mm to 0.9mm diameter) and the motorization of these instruments, the extraction of the follicles can be extended to the whole crown of Hippocrates, which considerably increases the possible harvest of grafts.
The precision and the delicacy of the extraction helps to preserve the donor area, to ensure a high success rate and to accelerate the healing time. The stem cells partially regenerate in a few months and this allows to consider new extractions without making visible the procedure of extraction.



The preparation of the grafts

The collected follicular units are sorted and classified into groups under stereoscopic binocular microscopes, then counted and placed in a refrigerated and vitaminized solution to ensure a good preservation.

The preparation of the recipient area

The line of transplanting is defined by the specialized doctor according to the treatment plan previously established with the patient. The irregular drawing of the frontal line, the density, the chosen distribution and angle of transplanting determine the final result.


The hair implantation

Every follicular unit is manually implanted and finds the natural environment in which it could be able to go on generating new hair cycles as if it had never been moved. In the case of an autologous transplant no phenomenon of rejection is to be feared.
The follicular units are injected directly into the scalp in a natural orientation, without previous incisions, painless, and without scars. The graft is little manipulated, which guarantees an excellent conservation and a high success rate.
This procedure is only performed by doctors and specialized nurses.


Hair re-growth

The moved hair suffers from trauma and they fall in about 10 days, generally they fall with little scabs on the surface of the scalp after the hair transplantation. After 3 months the scalp will recover its natural look and the new hair begins to grow slowly until the 8th or 10th month and that is when the result can be considered as definitive.
The aesthetic result obtained is guaranteed for a lifetime as the grafted hair took with them their genetic heritage of departure.


The non-invasive without visible shaving «FUE PREMIUM» method

logo-fue-premiumFor small and medium sessions with the maximum of 1500 follicles (about 3300 hairs) when the density is significant and the hair is long enough, it is possible to create 1 or 2 «extraction windows» by lifting the hair from the back of the neck and delimiting a shaved area which will be invisible when the hair is folded.
This method is for patients for whom it is important to return to a normal social and professional life very quickly and with maximum discretion.

The strong points of the exclusive «FUE PREMIUM» method :

  • No pain (exclusive anti-pain protocol developed by our doctors)
  • No scar in the back of the neck (possibility to have a short hair after the hair transplant)
  • No scar at the base of the grafts (direct injection)
  • No edema (every patient should follow our recommendations after the hair transplant)
  • Optimized hair grafts harvesting (1 follicle out of 3 is taken from the whole crown and the extraction is handmade and assisted by motorized instruments)
  • Regenerated donor area (a delicate and respectful extraction of the capital hair with tools of great finesse promotes the regeneration of stem cells)
  • Up to 10 times more density than a classic hair transplant in a single day.

N.B. : The method ” FUE ” is not indicated in the case of frizzy hair.

Discover our further treatment

PRP : Platelet-rich Plasma
Zones treated with the “PRP” show an increase of the density of hairy follicles about 20 %, as well as a faster regrowth of the new hair.
This technique completes ideally the techniques of capillary surgery to create the appearance of more thick and plentiful hair.
Mesotherapy is particularly recommended in the treatment of hair problems related to stress, hormonal problems, pregnancy or fatigue. It has a repairing effect on dull or devitalized hair and on an irritated scalp.
Low intensity laser
The treatment in the laser favors the process of healing further to a hair transplant, and allows to accelerate the growth of the new hair. He can be also recommended within the framework of the prevention of the loss of hair.
The Led Therapy
It’s used for the hydration and the brightness of the skin, for the contraction of pores, for the tissular repair (scars), and for the penetration of active ingredients.
Oxygen Therapy
The “LHR” French clinic in Lisbon uses a concentrator that produces 95% pure therapeutic oxygen from the ambient air and diffuses it on the skin to purify and regenerate the cells of the epidermis.