Dermopigmentation of the scalp should not be considered as an alternative to hair transplantation, but rather as an excellent complement. This is a unique and safe medical cosmetic tattoo procedure offering an instant aesthetic result.

It is intended to hide scars, burns, birthmarks, and effectively correct most cases of alopecia.
During a dermopigmentation, a mixture of special pigments, biological and hypoallergenic, are placed in the upper epidermal layers.
These natural pigments are degradable and finally disappear after a certain period of time.
Using a sophisticated combination of angles, penetration depths, deposit sizes and pigment shades, this technology creates the extremely realistic illusion of real shaved hair.
This technique ideally complements hair surgery techniques to create the appearance of abundant and denser hair.
It makes it possible to densify a vertex, or a frontal line, or to fill the temporal fossae when the donor zone is too poor.


The key points of dermopigmentation :

Apart from certain medical contraindications, it is accessible to everyone despite the colour of the skin or hair
It is a non-invasive technique, it’s not expensive and does not require anaesthesia
you only need 3 sessions one per month to have a good result
Then “LHR” French clinic in Lisbon entrusts the dermopigmentation to a qualified nurse.