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Our specialized clinic in follicular microtransplantation, corresponding to the European standards welcomes you to Lisbon for your hair transplant which is performed by one of the largest medical teams in Europe.

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Look at our guide and find all the information you need to organize your hair transplant or your aesthetic treatments at LHR clinic

The LHR Clinic of Lisbon is the only French centre entirely dedicated to the «FUE» hair transplant.

The hair transplant is the most complex and demanding branch of the plastic surgery, it mobilizes an important medical staff, it requires the latest technology and requests a systematic questioning.
We chose to focus our skills in the field of the non-invasive, scar free, painless follicular micro transplantation.
Our facilities meet the highest European standards.
Our clinic is centrally located in Lisbon and easy to access by public transportation

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logo-fue-premiumWhile developing our exclusive «FUE» method, we wanted to offer to the most demanding patients, a density 10 times larger to a standard hair transplant, ensuring them a complete comfort and safety.

Cette intervention s’adresse aussi bien aux femmes qu’aux hommes, et peut-être réalisée à tout âge lorsque la chute de cheveux est stabilisée.

The non-invasive without visible shaving «FUE PREMIUM» method


For small and medium sessions with the maximum of 1500 follicles (about 3300 hairs) when the density is significant and the hair is long enough, it is possible to create 1 or 2 «extraction windows» by lifting the hair from the back of the neck and delimiting a shaved area which will be invisible when the hair is folded.

Our patients show

  • One of my friends has chosen to have surgery in Marseille, unfortunately one year after, she has to wear a wig because she has less hair than before the transplant! Everything has fallen. During my own consultation in Lisbon, I asked for explanations about my friend's case, they told me that the surgical treatment of female alopecia is more complex than that of male pattern baldness, and that it is a case of experienced specialists in this field. Personally, I am very satisfied with the result of my transplant, and I regained my confidence. For a woman there is nothing more important than the hair! My hairdresser still does not believe that I had a microtransplantation done. I would recommend the LHR clinic to all those who suffer because of their sparse hair.–Madame F. 49 ans (Marseille)

  • I felt that nothing worked for me before my hair transplant, no girlfriend, and even finding a job seemed impossible. Today I am happy to have found my true face, and I finally found a "CDI". I did not believe it when the specialist told me that I would not suffer, and yet I was able to visit Lisbon the day after the intervention, and it is a beautiful city! I will schedule a second session as soon as possible to optimize the result obtained the first time, and this time I will bring my companion, and we will stay a little longer to better enjoy the stay. Thank you to the entire L-H-R clinic team! You have changed my life.–Monsieur B. 29 ans (Nantes)

  • I started to lose my hair very young, and I used the transplant very early, but at the time the techniques were very different from today, very painful and very expensive for a very disappointing result. I have many visible scars, and very rough grafts. I saw several surgeons, they all refused to operate by telling me it was better that I choose to wear a hair prosthesis. Until the day I sent my photos to Lisbon at LHR. They told me that with the remaining capital to be taken in my donor area, and taking some hair on my chest, they could help me to find a normal aesthetic appearance. In addition they made me a kind of tattoo on my biggest scar (dermopigmentation) which has since become invisible! If only I had thought of it earlier! it was worth the trip! Now I accept that I get a picture, and I told my grandson not to wait if he loses his hair, I will offer him an intervention in Lisbon at LHR.–Monsieur R. 65 ans (Saint-Etienne)

  • After my first pregnancy, I started losing my hair, and it got worse after the second one. I took the TGV and I went for consultation in Paris, but the quote the surgeon gave me was too high and I really thought I would have to stay with my sparse hair all my life. The husband of a friend had surgery in Tunisia and even if the result he got is not spectacular, because he needs a new session of hair transplants, the price was really low. But my travel agent advised against going to the Maghreb because of the risks of attacks at that time. Finally, I chose to go to Portugal for a few hundred euros more. On the advice of the specialist I benefited from a hair micrograft "FUT", and I do not regret because I'm not afraid of the eyes of others. In addition the team of the French clinic "LHR" of Lisbon has me a great welcome! Thank you all, you made me smile.–Madame P. 32 ans (Armentières)

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